Life Group Host Resources

Help others as they walk the same road.  Interact with God’s Word in Their life And see what God Does in your own.

The Goal for South End Life Groups

The first goal of a small group is health, not numbers.  Health is defined by developing relationships, and growing in knowledge and application of God’s Word.  Numbers are important as each number represents a person, but we must maintain the health of the group for each person to move their life forward by being involved.  Health will also make your group more attractive and will lead to growth.

Is Hosting For You?

As a host, we want you to own your group.  You will pick your meeting day and time, and you will also be responsible for filling your group and for connecting with your Life Group Coordinator (Tim) if you need help in any areas.  We want you to create community within your group and care for those that attend it.

To be an effective host, you must be willing to do the following:

  • INVITE: Include friends, family, coworkers and neighbours. People who sit in your section at church or who may not even attend chuch are all potential members for your group. Your invitation has the potential to be life-changing for someone.
  • PREPARE: Get your meeting location setup ahead of time in a way that expresses life. Make sure your curriculum is selected and setup for the meeting time. If you want your group to have handouts, make sure they are prepared ahead of time and most importantly pray for the people in your group ahead of time.
  • FACTILITATE DISCUSSION: One of the keys to a great group is to have great discussion times before, during and after the study time. Try to get people to talk with each other before group using some ice breaker type games, during the group time rephrase questions as needed to get people to dig deep. You must also be willing to listen and not dominate the conversation, but lead it in the direction God is calling you to lead it.
  • ENCOURAGE RELATIONSHIPS: Throughout the week, encourage your group to begin to build relationships with not only you, but each other.  Exchange numbers and being to lift each other up throughout the week.
  • SERVE TOGETHER: Each month, South End will send out serving opportunities.  These may include visiting people in hospital, or shutins, engaging in a South End outreach event, or volunteering in another capacity.  Serving together will fill your group with purpose and provide an opportunity outside of “group time” to do life together.


If this seems overwhelming, don’t forget that you won’t be in this alone!  Connect with your Life Group Coordinator if you have any questions, or contact another Life Group host to bounce ideas off of them.  

You will also be equipped with our Life Group Host Care Package which includes the following:

  • Host Training Manual – An introduction and wealth of information with frequently asked questions, ideas for fun events, and a resource of Scripture references that pertain to every day life events.
  • Life Group Study Guides – For RightNow Media series that don’t include free studies
  • Life Group Quick Start Series Notes
  • Life Group Childcare Guide
  • Life Group Guidelines for a great meeting
  • Ice Breakers – Includes game instructions
  • Thank You Gift – for being willing to step out and host a group that will help people in so many ways!

New! Host resources

Keep your Life Group fresh with these new ideas and games that will encourage sharing and openness.