Doing Life Together

Join others as they walk the same road.  Interact with God’s Word in your daily life so that it transforms the way you live.

Life Groups

Life Groups are the essential foundation of our relationships with the body of Christ.  They provide the space, the time and the place where we can connect with other believers who are walking the same path as we are, and are struggling in the same areas that we do. Life Groups allow us to build one another up in love in every day life, where the struggle is real.  Life Groups build:

  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth
  • Church Growth

We know Life Groups are an absolute essential component to helping the people of South End move forward with Christ at the center of their lives.  They provide places of influence that grow us, challenge us, strenghten and bless us.  When we hear different perspectives and stories from others in our groups, we can gain a greater understanding of what we are studying. 

All of this allows the church as a whole to feel more like a family, which is God’s design for His followers (Acts 2:46-47).

Life GRoup Curriculum

RightNow Media

From leadership training courses and videos to every day bible studies for every generation and group, RightNow Media provides access to the largest resource of biblical teaching to our church family.  Each Life Group will choose their own study based on their individual needs so that the teaching stays relevant and inviting to those participating.  

Find a Life Group

Weekend Groups

Chad & Danielle Gordon

When:  Sunday @ 2:00pm
Where: Marty & Tammy Gates’ House
Contact: Pastor Chad @ (226) 668 – 2187

Mike & Rose Walsh

When:  Sunday @ 7:00pm
Where: 217675 Concession Rd 3 Owen Sound
Contact: Mike Walsh @ (519) 477 – 9408

Tim & Katie Chambers

When:  Sunday @ 6:30pm
Where: 956 5th Ave ‘A’ West
Contact: Tim Chambers @ (519) 372 – 9215

Weekday Groups

Jeff & Becky Torrie

When:  Monday @ 7:00pm
Where: 24340 Holland-Sydenham Townline
Contact: Jeff Torrie @ (519) 379 – 0917

Jonny & Kari Neerhof

When:  Monday @ 6:30pm
Where: 1050 4th Ave ‘A’ West
Contact: Jonny @ (519) 387 – 4394

Specific Groups

Mom's Group

When:  Tuesdays @ 10:00am
Where:1658 4th Ave West
Contact: Sarah Downing @ (647) 467 – 9197

Building A Better Marriage

When:  TBD
Where730 3rd Ave East
Contact: Mike Seiler @ (519) 375 – 6585

Men's Group

When:  Tuesdays @ 5:45am
Where927 2nd Ave E, Owen Sound
Contact: Tim Chambers @ (226) 923 – 2267

Single Women's Group

When:  Tuesdays @ 6:15pm
Where956 5th Ave ‘A’ West
Contact: Lindsay Campbell @ (647) 214-1584


Interested in joining a Life Group?