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Real Men.  Real issues.  Real Worship.

Promise Keepers Canada

January 27th, 2018 South End Baptist Church
Each of us longs to truly understand who we are and our place in the world. As Christians we know a man’s true identity is found only in relationship with Christ. Even with this knowledge, men wrestle with the question of how to live as godly men. We are surrounded by a culture full of mixed messages and false ideals that can lead to confusion and frustration.  The identity workshop helps men to see who they are in Christ and deals with the issues that can crush a man’s identity.
Life Groups for men.  Real men.
We’re farmers that get up and milk cattle at daybreak.  We’re shift workers that meet before our 12 hour shift starts.  We’re men who go days without seeing our families.  We’re men that struggle with reading our Bible.  We’re like you.
Men’s Group
When:  Every Tuesday @ 5:45am Where: 927 2nd Ave E, Owen Sound Contact: Tim Chambers @ (226) 963 – 2267
Go ahead.  Dig in.
One of the best ways to grow is simply by digging in and getting dirty.  That could look completely different for you than it does for the gentleman standing next to you in church on Sunday morning.  If you’re looking for ways to get involved and need some inspiration, we suggest taking the plunge and getting yourself involved with the people around you.

Serving Opportunities

Welcome Center  |   Cindy Hill Worship Team   |   Bethany Matthews Scripture Reading   |   Mike Seiler South End Kids   |   Tim Chambers
Men’s Ministry   |   Mark Torrie Missions Committee   |   David Buck Maintenance Crew   |   Chad Gordon Theme Crew   |   Mike Walsh
Real life is messy.  So join the club.

Online Integrity

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Don’t Waste Your Life

Insert description about book here.  This would be a great area for personal testimony from someone who has read the book and the impact it has had on their life.